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cBrain has released the first vertical version of the Knowledge Worker Desktop, which targets the governmental user – a version called “cBrain F2”. With kernel functionality as well as a first vertical version in place cBrain has initiated the development of new vertical versions.

cBrain has announced the second vertical version of the Knowledge Worker Desktop targeting accounting and consulting firms. “Beierholm”,  a 650 employee accounting firm has contracted with cBrain for delivery of this version.


Technically the software is based on a true service oriented architecture (SOA) where all logic is executed on the server side and the Knowledge Worker Desktop therefore supports mobile users as well as external access via portals and the like.

This adds a new dimension to case management within government and other knowledge based organizations. It is expected that features like real-time mobile access to urgent cases as well as work-in-progress information will offer new working habits for the future governmental management.

Within government this can directly improve the support of minister and associated administrative personnel. Likewise, the Knowledge Worker Desktop will form the base for new types of citizen services including online self-service and online external access and insight into documents and cases.


cBrain offers software which supports business and knowledge process management. cBrain  was listed on NASDAQ-OMX in February 2006.

The cBrain software differentiates itself from other solutions by being based on a new, innovative design and development methodology, where software is designed taking “processes” as the starting point for system design.

The software development is based on a library of software components combined with a true service-oriented architecture.

cBrain’s customers are primarily within 3 areas: government, membership organizations and consulting firms.

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Stock Exchange symbol: CBRAIN